• Image of Unicorn #1 Risograph Print by Original Cinn

A limited, signed and editioned A3 print of an original artwork by Original Cinn produced on a risograph printer at Out of the Blue Print – a local, social enterprise based in Edinburgh.


(Note: the digital version of the print is for reference only, it is not reflective of the risograph printed colours which are slightly muted in comparison. Unlike with digital printing, every print will vary individually. The ink and paper have more texture to them and at times feature unique oddities. We love this about risograph printing, it makes each print unique.)

The print will be packed in a plastic sleeve and shipped in a sturdy, carboard backed A3 envelope.

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If you would like for the print to be shipped outside of the EU/US/UK please get in touch and we will inquire with the postal service about the costs and add it to our shipping options.